So for month, upon month and year upon year, those that have our “best interest” at heart have been telling us that euthanasia is the only answer, keeping people artificially alive is a) wrong, b) too expensive, c) inhumane, etc., etc. On the another side, some say, let nature take its’ course.  Allow for the dignity in quietly passing, and still others say all things should be employed to sustain life no matter what.

And in the midst of this debate, I must admit that my own thoughts and feelings have fluctuated.  I suppose that’s as it should be.  After all, this is a major decision for our society! Should we be the arbiters of life and death? Should we allow for euthanasia? And if we do, what are the circumstances we will use to employ this solution? Then, how can we regulate the practice? CAN we even regulate?

Without question, the entire topic presents us with a slippery slope, fraught with personal, religious, practical and medical considerations that make nearly any type of consensus an impossibility.

I have been and will probably remain on the side of; “it’s a personal individual decision” at best, or a “family” decision where the individual is not physically able to decide. And then the decision is agreed upon by all relations. That seemed to make sense to me, until this morning.

For those of you that are old enough to remember “Rosanna Rosanna Danna”; she was a character created by Gilda Radner who appeared on Laugh In during its’ hey day! Her character Rosanna Rosanna Danna was a hilarious creation! And as it would happen, this morning I read something that brought that character to mind. She would always say: “It’s always something”!!!  (I include a brief sample of Gilda’s work – she was brilliant in my view. What do you think?

I use Rosanna’s back and forth struggle to show, that after I have thought long and deep on the issue of euthanasia, back and forth, back and forth; I decided on my position on this issue. Then, this morning while reading a post from a contemporary, who also blogs at WordPress, while buzzing along with my firmly made up mind I screeched to a halt.  This, while reading a post from Dan Mitchel (who authors one of the blogs that I find an intelligent and even-handed discussion of issues).

It’s a gift he seems to have. A certain way of presenting the facts, without your having to get the feeling that he is trying to change your mind. Of course, some of his work does change your mind, but you still have the satisfaction of coming to the conclusions on your own without the hard sell. His topic was not a piece on should we or shouldn’t we, but rather a quiet discussion of England and its government run health care.  And the brutality of the system.

As a result of my reading his piece, I have determined to fight Obamacare with new resolve!!

You can find my inspiration at: Daniel Mitchell



Hello all! Well there was (just in case you noticed)  a new blip in my normal, quiet, political existence!  I will name it a lifus interruptis.. or perhaps a shit happens episode; but whatever it was,  my last blogging was .. actually my last blogging for quite a period of time.  I will say that the loss of my dear Sister and traveling companion affected me in many ways, and I was sort of sucked into myself dealing with loss (ps – it takes longer than you think, no matter how you try to intellectualize it). And of course as sisters go, I believe we were closer than most get an opportunity to be; having been roommates for many of our Senior years.

Anyway, now I am back and with brains and fingers working together with eyes and opinions bouncing around looking for a way to get out! I am once again committed to the daily review of left wing baloney and BS – after all, what’s more fun than picking apart left wing political philosophies! It’s a wonderful thing: that is of course unless it’s yours that’s being picked apart!!

And I salute the Washington Career Politicos to continue to chaff, gaff and help us laugh. Thereby providing fodder for the grist mill. Which of course ends when the mischief making is self destructive to our union!

And lately, one could spend days counting the bad ideas spewing from Washington!  Don think so? Well consider how many States have been reviewing the rules to withdraw from the “United” States as a precursor to an all out battle for the heart and soul of our beloved country. Who can blame “we the people” having suffered through all the Obama mischief making to void the constitution and make our country his kingdom!

All the government freeloaders finally outnumber those that prefer work. Yep those folks who don’t want to be in charge of their own lives; who want to be told what to do, what to think, what to eat….. you get the drift! The welfare Zombies. It’s just to bad that the freeloaders just don’t get it that, when to working people stop working there won’t be anyone to provide largess for the freeloaders!!

You think there may be a bit of rioting? Pissed off people when the stuff runs out? Duhhhhh!


Call me a stickler, but I believe that the “Bill of Rights” was meant for everyone, and it’s especially for those with whom the majority may disagree. So, for the record, below is the short version: (click on “Bill of Rights” to get the full text!)











Having enumerated those rights above, I must say that as of late there have been seeing comments appearing across a variety of blogs and posts on the internet that question the rights of others that are writing and posting on the internet things with which they disagree.

Could anything posted on the internet be more dangerous than those who want to take away another authors right to post? Of course that would probably be close to impossible, but the very idea is alarming! Disagreement and debate is a necessary activity of a free people! And the internet has allowed peoples all over the globe to read and learn about the rights of others. So we must exercise CAUTION, and WISDOM, as if the rights of one person are threatened, it affects the rights of ALL people! So suggesting, even thinking of quashing debate…is a very, very slippery slope. As, who will decide what is acceptable and unacceptable?

Without a doubt, I believe that the situation we currently find ourselves in is exactly what our Forefathers had in mind when they wrote and adopted that venerated document  the BILL OF RIGHTS!

It is a double edged sword for us to proclaim freedom for ourselves and for those who agree with us, but leave out those that don’t have similar beliefs. This is certainly NOT freedom and especially not religious freedom! Are we Christians so insecure in our personal beliefs that we feel we have to control those that don’t share our beliefs?

I certainly hope not!!


As a Senior Citizen, it has never, not once in my entire 65 years occurred to me that we would be making a Presidential choice between a Conservative Republican and a Marxist Democrat. And if you had asked me even 4 years ago, I would have guffawed at the thought.

But, here we are. It has become evident that the “great” Obama has turned out to be a “Manchurian Candidate” and the only difference is that Obama is conscious of what he is doing, and the “candidate” was at least a brain washed pawn. Sadly, today the only “brain washed pawns” are the people who believed the “hope and change” line that pivoted Mr. Obama into the Whitehouse. Not the communists mind you, but the hopeful, and optimistic Americans in all walks of life that put their hopes into this President.

And, now I realize that truly, many of our young Americans have been brainwashed into believing that a basically communist social and governmental system can right all the wrongs, take care of all the problems, feed all the people without sacrifice, and not have those that were in power abuse it!! What a big order, and of course a farce! It is, I believe, unforgivable and cruel of their educators to allow this. However, I also know that it is not surprising that this “collective” philosophy is the rule of the day because teachers “unions” are powerful, and all teachers must conform. And given the reduced interest in such things by most Americans of any and all ages, (And that is one of the saddest statements that I have made.) “The great experiment”, as John Adams called the USA, may after all succumb to the rule of “the path of least resistance”.

So while I can still remember, I have found myself more and more saying, “it used to be”, “in my day”, “it wasn’t always” and a litany of other such remarks. And I work hard to instill the love of freedom in any and all youngsters that listen!


“I believe that the guy who said, ‘It’s a great invention but who would ever want to           use one!”, in 1879’.

Was the Presidents latest speech fact gaff.  The comment was never made according to! According to the comment from staff at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, located in Fremont, Ohio he never said that and was actually the first President to have a phone!

LOTS of people in the world could make a mistake like that in a speech, and it probably would not be even noticed, much less get commented on. But, let’s face it: the President? How can this happen? He has a large staff of advisers, speech writers, flunkies and adoring others following him around and hanging on his every word. So the fact that this mistake made it all the way out of the Presidents mouth and into the microphone should be setting off flares everywhere!

After all, these are the guys that have their fingers on the button! The big button as in BIG BADDA-BOOM, world annihilation, the party’s over! And in my humble opinion, I don’t believe that there is ANY, ANY room for sloppy! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DESERVE BETTER!

How this obvious gaff missed the press is a bit beyond me, except for the fact that most of the media types start to slobber the minute Obama comes into the room. To say that an adoring press corp is a worthless press corp is obvious so I won’t say it. But, I hope that everyone is paying attention to this person that was elected President and work to have him removed at the earliest election.



As the clock is ticking away, the upcoming Presidential race is sizing up to be a significant one for conservatives as the decisions made in the ballot box in Everytown, USA will mean the difference between a moderate or uber liberal President in our future. A country that we patriots can recognize as ours or one that has chosen the road toward socialism, the nanny state, with government intervening in every nook and cranny of our lives telling us what “is best for us” and “allowing” us to do this or that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against government studying, suggesting, and helping; it’s when it gets into the mandating business where I drop off the gung-ho ship. And probably most people would agree with that. After all this is America – Land of the FREE and home of the Brave. And that little word; free – is the key!

Webster defines free as: to relieve or rid of what restrains, confines, restricts, or embarrasses. And that (up to the more recent years) is what we Americans have enjoyed FREEDOM. Just the speaking of the word brings to mind, “free as a bird” the mental picture of one of our feathered friends blithely soaring through the sky and that is the USA! A country that has seen millions, upon millions of “teeming masses yearning to breath free” making the difficult, costly and sometimes disappointing trek to our shores reduced in 200 years to exactly what they were trying to escape from….. social tyranny!!

Perhaps it’s mans’ destiny to keep repeating the same mistakes!!