Yes, Wayne Allen Root: There is a State of Stupid

This video comment is from one of my favorite morning stops – Bob Livingston – Personal Liberty Digest authored by Contributing Editor Wayne Allen Root.  I have been following his daily comments for some time now,  and as far as I am concerned, he has a talent for cutting through the bull, and daily churn out of slanted truths and outright lies that come from the political grist mill! His straight talk always hits the nail on the head, and is my starting point every morning as I go through the previous days news and comment. He also doesn’t mince words, as you can hear for yourself if you take a minute to watch the days offering above.

But I think we can all see that our politicians are obfuscating the issues! And we are getting the American version of Kabuki from our Congressmen and Senators.  So our governing bodies have long been bastions of obfuscation!  Merriam Webster defines obfuscate as;  to be evasive, unclear or confusing!  And (straight from the dictionary) here are two examples of usage:


  1. Politicians keep obfuscating the issues.
  2. Their explanations only serve to obfuscate and confuse.

Yep, these are the two examples straight from the Merriam & Webster dictionary! (Go and look for yourself!)  And isn’t it revealing that Websters particularly used “politicians” as the examples to let us know what the word meant… hummm.  Do we discern a long pattern of savvy? That even Websters researchers understand their representatives!! Eureka!!

The fact is that since the days of Ben Franklin, “politicians” haven’t changed much; they are still doing what they do even in 1800’s!  So, I sadly(?) some things never change. (sorry). And since the job isn’t going to change, perhaps we all need to start changing our ideas of WHAT we want in an elected representative and find that person.  A STATESMAN, comes to my mind and provides a better mental picture of the people that we want to start electing. We should also take more time to educate ourselves as to our candidates voting histories – research for ourselves and not blindly believe all the public relations hype, produced by experts to make candidates look good.

Here’s a test, the definition of statesman is below; try to think of one name in the current elected officials that you think fits this definition! Then leave your “candidate” in the comment section.  I will tally the results and present them at the end of December. (so if you want your man/woman to win get your friends to read and vote!)


  1. one versed in the principles or art of government; especially : one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government or in shaping its policies
  2. a wise, skillful, and respected political leader

Just a minute; I’m trying to think of contemporaries that would fall in these categories…..hummm, need more time, …… nope still need more time!  Well maybe you can think of one… SO COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW WHO COMES TO YOUR MINDS, WHO MIGHT BE IN THE LEAGUE WITH BEN FRANKLIN, GEORGE WASHINGTON,  AND OTHER STATESMEN!



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