I imagine the founding forefathers been looking down on the United States and the struggling tug-of-war between the polarizing philosophies of governance going on in the public forum daily in the war of words. On the right: the right. On the left: the left.

But regardless of which side is victorious those in the middle will be the ones that eventually pay the highest price, as regardless of the outcome, they will have to live with whatever . And if the utopia offered by the one side funded by “the rich” turns out to be a pipe dream, a puff of smoke with no substance, all those that believed in and drank the Koolaid, will still be responsible for believing in the nonsense of Obama and the left: you can spend money you don’t have by taxing those that are producing the money and largess, and give that money to those that are not producing to live as if they were (producing). (Laffer Curve)

I was a young Market Researcher for a trade magazine, at about the time that Arthur Laffer came out with his curve and it was a fascinating mathematical exercise for geeks, but the basic was that simply, raising taxes would not bring in the expected dollars as the “act” of creating the new tax would take away the incentive of people to strive to increase their earnings because the additional tax would take away most of the increased revenue.

Surprisingly when the government calculates the increases to be realized from an up tic in taxes, they do not look at the curve consequences. So the numbers that they toss around are ….poof…. smoke screen. And of course de-incentivzing work … well you get it!


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