“Totally Ignore The Free Speech And First Amendment Rights Of The People Who Are Speaking Against Him”

I happened to hit on the website where a young person was posting the title “quoted comment” and just absolutely could not resist making one of my own. Which was; to pose the question as to how, if “people are speaking out against him” can he be “totally ignore(ing) the First Amendment rights”? this is an Oxymoron. The statement is gobble-d-gook it is not possible! And bad english to boot! Since “they” are speaking out by complaining that they are not being allowed to speak out?

And I believe, therein lies the problem with the majority of the those with the left leaning mindset. They want to impede (or rescind) the rights of those that don’t agree with them while at the same time are promoting the fact that they are championing those rights.  And those actually allowing the free speech are just ignoring what they don’t agree with, but allowing them to say it! I say wouldn’t it be nice if the left leaning folks would actually put their behavior where their beliefs are!

Liberals are not unintelligent but, only in their minds, they right!  But they portray a why don’t we all just get on their bandwagon and bow to the superior mind game. So is it any wonder that I find those obscenely rich Liberals fighting for the “poor” a bit of an oxymoron and also, well a bit condescending! How can fighting for the tired masses add up to vast amounts of money, unless there is someone (or a group of someones) with their own agenda helping them become obscenely rich. And what’s the payoff for the big donors? What exactly are these liberal office holders getting paid for?  Sad to say that these points are completely lost on their blind and inexperienced followers. Yes Democratic Party has success stories all over the country exploiting those that deserve better while preaching that the conservatives are the ones actually exploiting them. (beware the forked tongue of the snake)

I’ve noted that there is also a certain snobbery infecting these intellectually effete – as they bask in the glow of the young and innocent who hang on every word of their double speak they successfully sully the reputations of, shall we say lesser financially endowed opponents to groups of idealistic young folks who lap it up like warm milk.

Who of course, because of their vast experience with textbooks and other learning methods, know everything and have all the answers. I have wondered why those same admirers don’t actually pay any attention to the bank accounts and money changing of their political idols. But you know, the title comment makes total sense now! Eureka!!! Innocents is bliss…..

Of course most of us know that “all you need is love”! – Love’s great but money will get you the things you need to thrive! Just ask take the Pundits word for that!!……


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