And that could be a comment attributed to Ed Shultz, as he tries to explain why the rules for conservative pundits are different than those of liberal pundits!  Really?  I’m shocked!!!!

It’s amazing that as much as the Liberals play the maligned role, they just don’t think that what they do in return is the same thing, but after all it is them, and of course they are right – er correct!!  And I guess that we should not ever be shocked by the double standard that, while equal application is totally lost on themselves, all liberals seem to think is perfectly normal to malign conservatives for the same behavior. Hummm….

Because what they think are the rules for conservatives are not necessarily the same as those they apply to liberals: be they pundits, elected officials, or newscasters with whom they agree.

Of course it is much easier to promote or defend your own position if you have silenced or marginalized anyone who might disagree or question that position. And one recent example of political inequality is recent comments from Ed Schultz the host of a talk show on MSNBC, aptly named The Ed Show (wonder how long it took them to come up with that?).

It seems that Ed, not to long ago was referring to some conservatives who were publicly disrespecting women, but it seems that Ed has some equality issues himself. As he was scolding a Senator for his “degrading women” in public; of course the Senator was a conservative. But it so happens that he had not to gently referred to Laura Ingram as a right wing “slut”. Bad form Ed!!!

But isn’t this just another example of the double standard Liberals want to enforce on Conservative?  How many times have you heard terrible things come out of the mouths of those liberal talking heads. Let’s see what liberal talking head comes to my mind???  How about: Rachel Maddow? John Stewart? Chris Matthews? Conan Obrien? I could go on and on….  but why???


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