For my entire life, I have been overweight. I was an overweight child and despite the best efforts of Doctors and my Mother I remained – overweight. And as an adult, I am still, overweight. During my teen years, I tried every diet known to man at that time. I made myself sick dieting, but kept at it. I knew about the “fat” gene a long time before any scientist thought of it. So while I am sure that people look at me and think the same thing that Bloomberg does, I know the truth that – they are wrong in their thinking!

On overweight man's waistline.

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See I’m guessing that someone like Bloomberg has been a stick guy his entire life. Able to eat reasonably or even over eat and not gain weight or if he does gain, loose it quickly – ba da bing, ba da boom! It’s that rocket powered metabolism that burns calories faster than Superman can leap a tall building!

In addition, his parents are stick people, all his relatives are more than likely stick people, with an occasional heavyweight – that got that pesky “fat” gene.

The other gene is of course the one that rocket powers the metabolism. So it is fairly obvious that Bloomberg is one of those with the rocket powered metabolism, because he has no conception of what living with the metabolism of a snail is like. So, I guess I can forgive him for his presumptuous comments. With the caveat that he stop being so effete and get over himself!

Last time I checked we were in America? Yes? And well, in America your opinion and beliefs may just matter to – you! No one else has to care about your thoughts or opinions. So a lot of the time it’s just a good idea to keep them to yourself. Except of course unless you have a blog like this one! Naturally.

And I can tell you it isn’t the weight challenged (sounds a lot better, huh? than overweight!) in America that have asked for all the millions of restaurants, drive throughs, stands, street vendors, selling everything from ice cream to corn dogs on lots of corners in lots of cities! It was the people that can eat without gaining a pound making it hard on the rest of us!

I do, however find it touching that so many people are really concerned about my health. Writing volumes, in books and magazines about the topic of  diet. But, not to put a damper on enthusiasm, perhaps, they are just feeling a little superior because they get to “lecture” the rest of us. Then I remember the story of Jim Fixx. What is that old saying, “pride goeth before the fall!”.

So, for those of you who don’t remember Jim, like it or not, I am going to tell you! Jim Fixx was the consummate health guru of the late 1970’s. He wrote “The Complete Book of Running” in 1977 and was the hands down expert in the burgeoning fitness market.  He also keeled over dead one morning in 1984 from a heart attack while running near his Connecticut home.

With that in mind perhaps a little less attitude about weight challenged people – remember Jim!!



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