News about activities on our border with Mexico is always alarming, and it’s hard to believe that our border is so vulnerable! In fact it is hard to believe the amount of illegal, dangerous, smuggling and other seedy activities that are either ignored or allowed at our border with Mexico. It was recently reported by that,  according to the Department of Justice, Mexican based trafficking organizations (actually) control access to the US/Mexico border.

Of course Mexico has some of the responsibility for this border, but the reality is that they are unable or unwilling (or both) to do anything pro-active to secure their border and therefore the entire control falls to the US by default. But who blames the Mexican Government. After all, the thousands of Mexican Citizens escaping across that very open border means that they don’t have to take responsibility for their Citizens, and they’re happy to leave the task to us!

In addition to the influx of illegals, there are also dire warnings for Americans crossing over in places such as Algondones; a favorite of Senior Citizens for inexpensive prescriptions, dental care and eyeglasses. The State Departments’ website  publishes warnings and alerts regularly and by their own account   it’s a good  idea to check that site out before you travel. But having lived within a proximity of that border, I was acquainted with many people that poo, pooed the warnings and took their chances as did many Seniors who winter in Southern Arizona.

I find this situation alarming considering the risk to citizens and the burden of costs that illegal immigration puts on the taxpayers every year. Recently, a Fox News study found that Illegal Immigrations costs the US $113 Billion every single year, an average of $1,117 for every “native-headed” household in America — according to a study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). And if you do the math, it is $362 per person per year (based on a current population figure of 312,000,000) or almost $1.00 every day for every single person in the US!

And in spite of all the learned folks in this country, I don’t believe that anyone has come up with an answer to this problem!  But, IT’S TIME FOR AN ANSWER!!! Our elected representatives need to go on record and figure something out. Either we just say, ok, we are not going to stop anyone, let ’em come OR we put some of our technology to work and FIX THE PROBLEM!

But I don’t know about you, but personally, I would rather keep my dollar every day and spend it on myself!  So I am in favor of keeping the border a border.  And I believe that despite all the political rhetoric to the contrary, there is an answer – let’s face it: we went to the moon! – don’t tell me we can’t keep people from freely coming across our southern border.

So if the problem is not one of means, or ideas, or costs; it would cost, according to the Government Accounting Office was a whopping $661 Billion** in 2009 Dollars to secure our border (Check out: Cost of Border Fence); it has to be about political will.

And while I realize that this is an incredible amount of money, these days our government seems to be spending much more on some things that are much less than this fence. And I suggest that we could start to recoup some of the expense, as the fence was completed a little at a time, because the need to support illegals in our local, state and federal budgets would begin to decline as soon as the first section was completed.

**The good news is that it was calculated in “sections” so that it could be a slower process to construct, and therefore spreading out the costs over time.


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