There is only one conclusion possible to account for Bill’s extraordinary actions this week: That he believes that Obama may not run and he wants to promote Hillary’s candidacy in the event he drops out. Or, even more boldly: That he wants to undermine Obama’s ability to get re-elected so that he is forced to pull out for the good of his Party, opening the door to Hillary’s candidacy.*

* Read All of Dicks comments:

I certainly do agree with Dick Morris’ comments! Hilary has performed well in her current position as Secretary of State. And I must admit that I like the job she has done, and under some extremely difficult and sensitive circumstances.

But alas, for my vote she is just not in the same political universe. Politics notwithstanding, one still has to admire her perseverance and quiet dignity in her current position, especially with such a buffoon as an employer. It takes a very firm self control and dedication to a goal, to go through what she has gone through in the Obama Whitehouse. I would say that she has walked through a mine field, and come out (at least so far) unscathed.

I remember how stalwart she was during Bill’s diddling days, never betraying a bit of emotion, under perfect self control. What a tremendous will!  She while has absolutely said that she does NOT have any higher aspirations, as was stated by CBS in their Hotsheet last December.  “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has once more reiterated that she will not run for president in 2012. And has gone so far as to refer to her current role in government as “my last public position.”

But the mystery surrounding her future plans is still fodder for the political grist mills. And I for one am hoping that she will change her mind. We have had some wonderful women in high office since our early days, but Madeline Albright and Hilary alone have achieved the highest.  I am hoping that she changes her mind and runs for President, it would a good thing for our young women to witness how education and hard work actually pays off.  And that women can aspire, then reach the highest of aspirations.  At the same time, it would be good for the country to adjust to the realization that women, if not now, then soon, be knocking at the door of the Highest Office.

I wish that Hilary were the one doing the knocking,……….

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