I was absolutely overjoyed that Herman Cain won the Florida Primary!!   He was someone that everyone overlooked, but during the debates, he had good ideas, presented himself as very “presidential”  and spoke with conviction and authority. Wow, is that just what we need or what?

He also is a man that appears to listen to others, is thoughtful and in my opinion will make an excellent representative of the United States in the International arena!  No one will get the better of him, and he passionately loves the United States of America. So, what is not to love?????

As a matter of face, I had viewed  Herman as one of the best, if not the best of the Republican Primary circuit. The reason being is that he is not a re-tread, like Romney or Perry. Don’t get me wrong, I think those two, are both excellent men and good republicans (except the Perry education of illegals thing) but they are the cookie cutter guys, just like a million other possible contenders. Herman Cain is different!

First, of course, is the fact that he is a black man and I would imagine that there will be some voters who will vote for him because of that. So he presents a clear choice for those voters who gravitate towards Obama because of race.  And trap those who would gravitate away from a candidate for the same reason – now they have to make a choice and possibly grow smarter, and wiser in the process.


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