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I think that it’s important to get a world view about things that are going on in the US.  It’s like listening to the announcer at a football game, the announcers eyes are on the big picture because of his view, but sometimes the instant playback gives you and other viewers a different perspective. And I believe that it is all about the perspective.

It’s because of that habit, that some time ago, I discovered this wonderful website of a Bulgarian News Agency. Now I have trouble figuring out where Bulgaria is on the map, but after looking over their on, English version of their Paper, I was instantly struck by their straightforward, no BS writing, and short and to the point style. And of course I couldn’t miss that box on their web page that proudly states that: Novinite.com uses American English. It’s perfect for a uni-lingual gal like me!

Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency) is Bulgaria’s largest English-language news provider. “Novinite” means “The News” in Bulgarian by the way.  And through its news website, Novinite.com provides real-time coverage of the most recent events and developments in Bulgaria and around the world.  Weekly, a free online weekly newspaper which comes out every Saturday

What really struck me however, was not the style or the content necessarily, although it is well written and good journalism, but the one feature that I had never seen before. They had a PROMISEMETER.

The PROMISEMETER is an online voting and comment page for all their readers to vote on the issue of trustworthiness, of candidates running for office. Not their message or how would they vote or anything else having to do with performance, just – do we trust this guy/girl.  The message?  Their (the candidates) political future lies with your PROMISEMETER votes! Help us determine the trustworthiness of Bulgaria’s political candidates running for elected office.

Now wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing if just one of our “NEWS” networks sponsored one of these opinion polls. Let’s see how much we all trust our candidates!!! Even better, if our candidates showed their trustworthiness by demonstrating, courage, telling the truth, acting with dignity, showing compassion for others…….. We would be able to REALLY, REALLY make our decision based on CHARACTER, not sound bites.



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